Saturday, April 5, 2014

Part Parameters

April 4, 2014 in News
Today we’ve been working on a new method of defining which skills monsters have access to.
We now have master lists that tie skills to monster body parts. Rather than configuring the skills on a per body part basis.
This makes it far easier for us to test individual skills and we’re going to use it to begin building lots of new monster attacks for increased variety.


We’ve also been working on the new Psi-staff weapon type we mentioned in previous posts and adding secondary attacks to weaponry.
We loved reading through everyone’s feedback on the weapons yesterday, there was lots of useful information in there. So today I’m going to ask specifically for suggestions for monster skills/attacks.


Sunday, December 22, 2013

                           HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!

Changelog for v. Offended Koala  15/12/2013

There are a whole bunch of improvements to balance here, particularly in the early game.
We aren’t wiping characters or worlds, but if you want to experience the proper balance
you should make a new character/worlds to play it on!
- Experimental gun rebalance
- Experimental biome settings
- Unique monster changes
- Enable plasma guns
- Fix naked NPC merchants
- New portable pixel printer item (you must unlock tier 2 for it to show up in crafting).
- Tons of new blocks and items to craft
- New random encounters with unique items to find
- Lots of work in progress server changes
- Pets only attack npcs that are attacking the owner
- New songs to play on instruments including Christmas carols
- New novelty hats
- Pets now level up
- You can no longer warp to gas giants
- Lots more fixes and small additions
More coming really soon!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

December 4, 2013


                      !!!!BETA IS OUT!!!!

For those who dont have the money to buy the game me and a bunch of friends are sharing this game for free!

Screen shots!

Steam launcher:

Character Creation:

                                    Click this link for free steam keys

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


                                                                                                  Starbound Free Download


We’ve been fixing up lots of monster parts and AI, naming weapons, fixing balance issues with everything from armor crafting recipes to monster damage and adding and configuring tech! And we’ve gotten around to naming a bunch of our tiered weapons, too. There’s one called “Baboom”. :D

Hard to give you much more in the way of details, since we’re pretty much just trucking along in preparation for beta at this point. Maybe it’d be better to give you more substantial weekly updates instead of trying to do them daily or every other day? :O

In any case, meet the morphball tech. May still be changes on the way (I think it goes without saying by now that everything is subject to change, but that’s ok because LOOK I’ve turned into a ball:

Download the BETA 1.0v now! <3

                                               Click here to download
                                               Alternate Download link

Friday, June 28, 2013

Hello guys i uploaded a newer version of starbound with the recent patch fixes.


Philkin Laser gun reduced damage by 1.
Building houses now generate decent reputation points.
You can now tame Purple slime jellies.
Fixed a bug that prevented players from upgrading their Ninja sabers over epic status.



We do not own Starbound by any means, and we are just doing this to share the game to everyone who cant afford to buy it.

Xellos - Lead Crack Programmer
P2Dcandy - Blog Design and Architecture

We have decided to protect the file, so it means you have to fill a short survey. They cost nothing and will only take 2-3 minutes of your time. This is to discourage abusers, and limit the users of the program so that it will not get patched a lot quicker.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Hey all,

Today was one of those dreadful days in which I had to take care of a ton of business shenanigans. Accounts and lawyers that sort of thing.
Luckily though, whilst my soul was being destroyed the rest of the team continue to make progress.

Rho completed the last of the respawn animations. I don’t think I’m going to show any more. We should at least leave a couple as a surprise no?
Kyren continues to work on Humanoid npcs, they need to be quite smart and encompass a lot of different behaviours, so she’s probably going to be on that for a few days yet.
Omni has nearly entirely finished the 3D printer system, which is a really nifty thing to have access to (especially with an admin client, print anything in the game for free! Yay!).
Bartwe has finished up all the base work for status effects. Enemies now use the same damage system as the player, so anything we come up with can be applied to both. Next on the agenda is poison, burning and bleeding.
George and our wonderful contributors are still tackling the huge number of ore based melee weapons and isn’t too far off completing them now. Some of these are ridiculously cool.

Can you guess which races these two weapons are from?
Legris is still working away at the intro sequences between work on biomes.
We also got the wonderful Logan Cunningham of Bastion fame on board for the voice acting. The samples he sent today were incredible.
Until next time!